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No More Yo-Yo!

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I have heard that you just have to want it bad enough. I have always wanted health, fitness, and a body I am proud of; yet I have never been able to obtain and sustain it. Throughout my Farrell’s transformation I experienced a change in mentality. I was hungry...not for the delicious, totally unhealthy food that I typically turn to. No, I was hungry for improvement! My appetite was satiated with the belief that I am capable of more; that I am worth it, my health is worth it, and all the effort in nutrition and workouts was so worth it! I was starving for the body that I had only dreamed about.

Lisa G. before Farrell'sThe hunger, the desire, and the motivation then kicked into overdrive. I went from the front row at Farrell’s in the beginning, to the back row as my motivation wavered, and found my way back to the front row thanks to the Farrell’s family motivating me to stay the course. There has never been a day during this process that was easy. The strength training and kickboxing workouts are brutal; making healthy food choices at least six days a week consistently can be difficult. After all, it is much easier to eat cheaper comfort foods, but every day has been worth it. I am finally giving myself the gift of health. The payoff to clean eating is outstanding energy, the desire to want to do things with my friends and family, and of course, body transformation and fitness.

I have been a yo-yo dieter my entire life, and my success fluctuated along with it. Graduating high school at 185 pounds, I was within 20 pounds of that weight for about three years. I achieved 166 pounds in 2000, but within two years I was at my heaviest, weighing 211 pounds pre-children. Shortly after having my first child, I reached 166 pounds again. Within six months the weight started creeping back on. My entire adult life my body fat has been at least 29% with a large waist, even at my thinnest. In 2008, I became extremely ill with excruciating stomach pain, throwing up for 5-hour stretches week after week. After multiple visits to the ER and specialists, I was told that I had IBS and this would be my future. In September 2013, I did a total elimination diet. My health improved and I was down to 155 pounds. I started a new job position in September 2015 and packed on about 23 pounds. Here goes the yo-yo yet again! I decided to join Farrell’s in October 2016 to take charge of my weight, my health, and my life.

I turned 40 in 2017 and wanted to prioritize my health and fitness. The yo-yo internal struggle was still a battle most days, especially the first six months. My goal is to eliminate the yo-yo forever.

Lisa after Farrell'sFarrell’s has been a saving grace for me. The support, motivation, and camaraderie experienced every day is something unexpected, yet is one of the factors that propelled me forward to making better choices for my health. During my initial 10 weeks, I proclaimed that I would be the 10-week, $1,000 winner and I gave my Level 10 and maintained perfect attendance. While I didn’t win the 10-week challenge, I did earn the Level 10 award and am very proud of my accomplishments. My coach, the instructors, the phenomenal Farrell’s staff, 10-weekers, and FIT members helped me to achieve Level 10. There were so many days when I pushed myself beyond my limits. The Farrell’s family helped me change my attitude to believe that I am a strong, capable athlete.

I struggled to sustain this mindset throughout the year and I nearly quit multiple times. I had an epiphany after the Farrell’s by the Sea trip in April 2017, a trip open to all Farrell’s members and non-members. It was the inspiration I needed to finish the last seven months strong. I met amazing people who all had a story with struggles and were conquering them, just like me. I ended 2017 in the National Challenge and was blessed to pay it forward by becoming a Farrell’s instructor. My goal is to reach at least one person who once thought the impossible and guide them on this journey to find their new possible.

Farrell's Member Lisa and Family

Thanks to the Farrell’s family, I have built five fundamentals of success: 

  1. Belief in self. Don’t believe everything you think. This is the single most important element that has led me to my success. The internal battle is you against you. This is probably why the “yo-yo” is so effective. I had to learn how to add the “u” to the yo-yo to conquer my health. I have changed my lifestyle so that I can live a healthy and fulfilled life with my husband, friends, and family; one where health concerns are rare and digestive issues are non-existent. Defining my why, visualizing my goals, and the support of Farrell’s has led me to a successful transformation.
  2. Diet. Fuel for my body, not my taste buds! Clean eating and elimination of sugar are decisions that will make or break transformation results. Now that the year has ended, my new journey has begun. The difficulty lies in the kitchen and in my resolve to make the right choices every day. I am ready to conquer the kitchen now, thanks to Farrell’s!
  3. Level 10. Six days a week in the gym! I choose to bring intensity, push myself, and inspire others to give more during each workout.
  4. Eight hours of sleep daily. Although not easily achievable, eight hours of sleep is a necessary goal.
  5. Sense of community. I found a support system in Farrell’s to help me achieve my goals and along the way found friends with a common objective. I am so grateful to the coaches, mentors, instructors, and incredible people that have become my friends.  
Lisa's one-year Farrell's Transformation

If I can achieve this level of fitness, I know that everyone who has the hunger to achieve health and fitness can as well. I had to tell myself, stop expecting immediate results. The Farrell’s family found the seed deep within me and showed me how to blossom into the strong, confident, and empowered person I am today. With the help of Farrell’s, it took 14 months to create a new mindset that broke the destructive pattern that I had lived with for 40 years. Thank you, Farrell’s, for this phenomenal adventure, I love being part of this family!

Stay hungry! Here’s to #nomoyoyo!

Lisa G. is a FIT Member and was a 2017 National Challenge Participant from our Cedar Rapids, Iowa - C Street Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

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