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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Transformation Stories

The only thing “extreme” about Farrell's in Ames is the transformations our members undergo. They find accomplishment in all areas: Weight loss. Relief from stress. Even a life fewer medications. Now it’s your turn!

Let our members motivate and impress you! And see the winners of our $1,000 Challenge and our National Challenge.

Darrin with his family after Farrell's
Darrin H.
Coralville, IA
“I have lost inches, fat and depression, but what I gained is worth so much more. There are no stats for feeling great about yourself, or having confidence”
Wendy S,
Urbandale, IA
“I didn't like the person I saw, so I joined Farrell's and I got hooked.”
Carly with her family after Farrell's
Carly S.
Waukee, IA
“The most unexpected and rewarding aspect of this life transformation has been the impact my journey has made on those around me.”
Denise L.
Urbandale, IA
“As soon as I started, I thought this is the program for me!”
Morgan R.
Morgan R., Ames, IA
“I used to struggle with my mental and physical health. I love Farrell's because it gives me an outlet of release where I can just "leave it all on the mat" and feel incredible afterwards it's addictive!”
Sarah T.
Sarah T., Cedar Rapids, IA
“A few of the other 10-weekers in my class and I had become pretty good friends. Turns out some of us were even neighbors and had never met! We all still work out together to this day!”
Lindsey R.
Lindsey R., South Des Moines, IA
“I knew that my chances of success for lifetime of healthy choices were high with Farrell's.”
**Each person is different, so results will vary. Any testimonials or results shown or stated reflect what that specific person was able to achieve using our program. If you follow all of the Farrells 10-Week program and there is no improvement in any of your fitness evaluations that are conducted by us upon completion of your 10-Week Challenge, we will pay you $500.
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